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Client Testimonials

"Just a note to thank you once again for a terrific job last night. You certainly made the evening special for our graduates and left us all with something to think about and act on."
Kind regards,

Norma MacIntosh, Program Director, Business Education and Training
Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension, Mount Royal College

"Thank you for an exceptionally stimulating presentation which you provided to our management team recently in Calgary. Your presentation was a great addition to our goals of team building and personal and professional development. Your presentation style was informative and educational with a highly professional conversational approach. I have had many positive comments from our group".
Ralph B. Young, President, Melcor Developments Ltd.

"On behalf of the Faculty of Continuing Education and Extension, Mount Royal College, I would like to thank you for facilitating our Professional Development Day... Your excellent presentation on marketing received very positive feedback. The interactive manner in which you engaged our staff was very stimulating and thought provoking. I think that we are now much more cognizant of the multiple facets of any advertising message. Thank you for a very pleasant and informative day".
Donna Spaulding, Dean, Faculty of Continuing
Education and Extension, Mount Royal College

"Thank you very much for your presentation to our annual convention. The position of closing speaker is difficult and you sent us home with plenty to think about. Your presentation gave us a unique and entertaining perspective on how to understand and communicate with individual styles as well as how we can reduce conflict and stress in difficult situations. That is very important to our success. On a personal note, there is an individual in our group I have been avoiding. I never really understood where he was coming from or his motives, so I distrusted him. It turned out that one of the few available spaces to sit to listen to your session was at the same table with this person.... thanks to the information you presented, I began to understand how he forms his ideas and methods and the distrust I had been feeling melted away".
Chris Dodd,Conference Co-ordinator, CWWGA

"Thank you for speaking at our convention: “It’s Your Tomorrow” the delegates were truly appreciative of the information presented. Your contribution was, in no small part, important in making this event the great success that it was. Here are their comments: Concise and informative; good content, very organized; very good; outstanding - best yet!; valuable information; very effective; great impact; very polished, good spice; dynamic and fun".
Christine Paley, Convention Coordinator
Canadian Association of Financial Planners

"I think this course is exactly what our team needed. Very informative 2 day session."
CUCS Meeting Organizer

"Thank you for your (keynote) presentation at our “Kick off Rally”… Your talk “Insights Into Your Personal Style - Building Dynamic Connections with Others” was excellent. Your participation has enabled us to have our best ever …"
Barry Rempel, President, Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Participant Testimonials

Participants at an Innovative Thinking Seminar

"I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar… It's amazing how a person tends to fall in to the same old habits and something as simple as driving a different way to work can make a difference in a productive day. Great ideas and great enthusiasm, contagious even!"
Tannas Walsh, Director of Operations
TMP Group Inc.

" I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation…I am definitely keeping your info close at hand and can think of a few situations where I could have used these tools. 
It is always warming to meet a creative soul." 
Karyn Elliott
CRAZY HOUSE Home Staging

Comments from Participants at a Marketing Seminar

"I really enjoyed your presentation; the marketing booklet is especially helpful. That's the most complete simple template for a marketing plan I've seen…I'm in Boston now with many projects to manage…Although at this time of your young company we're doing more guerilla marketing than anything else, it's possible at some time we'll be able to work together."
Michael Hoffman

"I attended a couple of your excellent sessions recently… I was the guy who went at lunch and at night... you we're too good! I just wanted to thank you for your insights. They helped me sort out and prioritize the messages for my website. I really liked your idea about making sure we are not just pitching our service, but more importantly, the need for the service. That was critical in my mind.
Thanks again for your time."
Joe MacKay, www.revovideo.com

What did you like best about the course?
• Everything.
• The fast pace.
• The clarification of terms and ideas.
• Instructor has great presentation/speaking skills. He seems very knowledgeable.
• Very good information and public speaking. Exercises are helpful and allow class interaction…Good cartoons and interesting stories.
• David was a very good speaker. Very well organized. Strong previous experience related to tactics.

"…excellent marketing and ideas man. David has a through knowledge of marketing principles and their effect upon business. He is creative in his thinking and has the ability to work and think ‘outside the square’.…his attention to detail and his willingness to go the second mile to produce a better result. A rare combination of two skills makes him a, ‘Creative Perfectionist’ and there are not too many of these around!! I can thoroughly recommend David Saxby as a sound ‘ideas and suggestions’ man in the marketing business and someone with the creative skills that any business can benefit from."
Joe Beattie, Performance Coach.
New Zealand

"My biggest obstacle in my business is selling myself so I was able to take away many great ideas to start to work on right now. ....So much great stuff you shared. I know it will make a big difference in my progress.
Dan Ohler, Ohlers’ Acres

Participant in Strategic Alliance Seminar

"I attended a workshop led by Dave Saxby on Creating Strategic Alliances at the that changed my business. When completing his worksheet, I was amazed to find that I had been staring at a possible alliance for about six months and didn't recognize it. Dave's ability to sharpen my awareness and then to deliver the tools I needed to make it happen, resulted in a strategic alliance with a major client - Thank you for making it so easy and so rewarding."
Julie H. Ferguson,
Beacon Literary Services

"I thought an update on my first strategic alliance might be interesting for you. This alliance has taken off like a rocket since Christmas…we have more business than we can handle!! We were written up in the newspaper this week and the phones have been ringing off the hook. My "partner's" standing within the gifted ed community has given me (and us) the credibility I needed and my marketing, promotion, and platform skills… Wow! Need I say more….other than another heartfelt thank you.
Julie H. Ferguson

Participants at a Sales and Presentation Skills Training Program

What did you learn that will make you more effective in your work?
- Provided information that I will use to improve my presentations, as well as
tips to improve presentation skills.
- Presentation and understanding the customer needs. Sales are not made
after the first attempt.
- How to deal with people in difficult situations. The different types of
people & how to deal with them.
- Tips on presenting, FAB concept, Customer focused, listen more than talk.
- Objections. Plan, build the pitch or presentation.
- Evaluation of personal roadblocks. My sales style/personality style &
customers styles info. Target audience/decision criteria chart. Practice
on presentation skills.

Additional Comments:
His knowledge of the subject & mode of presentation (enthusiastic). The stories he told, you know that he has been in similar situations as I have. Real life experiences to share. He was genuine. Personable. Non-threatening. Knowledgeable. Good role model as a presenter - knew material, comfortable presenting. I think this course is exactly what our team needed. Very informative 2 day session."

- Excellent!
- I feel much more competent and motivated
- Very knowledgeable and provided a wide range of information relative to marketing
- Well prepared.
- Definitely provided value to me today – took me to a whole new level and my mind is racing.
- I am enjoying this immensely. – Thank you!
- Re-acquainted me to SWOT; *Great Ideas & Resources; Generosity in sharing; personable, good speaker, accessible; affirmed how I approach selling
- David’s presentation really opened my eyes in the selling process; - Relating to customers; - Asking questions; - How to layout info to invite sale; - targeting; - focus
- Thanks David – you have a nice manner - a ‘quiet confidence’ that makes people want to listen to you; - media presentation great also
- This session is very timely for me.
- Thank you David – valid information and your tips were great – Very friendly, Very approachable.
- Good assortment of resources – Helpful tools – Strong delivery and interacting with audience.
- Maintained my interest throughout – Loads of information, all helpful – Very comfortable in front of audience.
- This presenter was very knowledgeable – My experience was/is minimal, therefore, it was a lot of information to receive in one go, but the handout and powerpoint were incredible.
- Great info, thanks!
- Although this subject is among my well know areas, David added lots.
- Thank you – lots of useful checklists/templates to work with.
- Thank you! – It was so great to get the handouts and a plan to follow.
- EXACTLY what I needed to know right now!!
- Superb presentation – Kept it moving – plenty of good information that was also entertaining.
- Good speaker – pleasant clear voice – sincerity – enthusiasm
- A very productive and information packed day.

• All future conferences should have this component
• Very engaging and truly practices what he preaches
• Lots of excellent information
• Very good presenter
• Excellent - I was motivated and learned lots
• Moved slow at first, then great
• Thank you - 5 star
• Great style

Participants in a Powerpoint Presentation Skills Program

" David gently coached us through the technical jargon and tools to create our own masterpiece. His extensive knowledge and expertise supported a very practical, hands-on session for all participants. He made the complex appear simple and walked us through one step at a time. Definitely a great use of time."

'Linda Maul, Creating People Power Inc.

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