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Hi, I'm David Saxby, the founder and President of Spark Communications Inc.
In my experience, building solid relationships with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, partners and everyone involved in the sales channel is an integral component of business success. I always advise my clients to begin building the relationship with market intelligence so that you can become their information ‘guru’, or source, the go-to person.

At Spark Communications, we believe knowledge drives success. Sharing our knowledge is crucial to building solid relationships with our prospects, clients, and strategic partners.

The resources listed in this section are filled with pertinent and timely information that can help you succeed. I invite you to download the attached FREE information. Many clients have told me that this information has added value to their marketing efforts and in their ability to attract more clients and build sales. There is no cost or obligation in downloading this FREE information. It’s my way of saying, “Thanks” for dropping by and visiting my website. Feel free to drop in as often as you wish. I look forward to seeing you again!

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Sales Gurus Speak Out

Essential information, proven expertise and warrior wisdom of fifteen expert sales trainers, coaches and consultants!

Sales Gurus Speak Out intention is to assist with the daily challenges you face as an evolving salesperson or as a person who sells as part of their work.

In Sales Gurus Speak Out, you find the essential information, proven expertise and warrior wisdom of fifteen expert sales trainers, coaches and consultants. Each have taken the absolute essence of their work and teaching and condensed it into chapter form. And the information in each chapter is written with the focus on providing you the new tools, skills and systems that you need to excel and increase profits in a format that is easy to read and learn.

The dynamic, success focused chapters in Sales Gurus Speak Out include topics that cover the entire gamut of the sales process and lead you into new realms of business and profitability. The authors and chapters are:
1. Everything Starts with a Conversation by Michel Neray
2. Control the Buying Process with the ABC, 123 Sales Results System by Bob
Urichuck, CSP
3. High Stakes Presentation Tactics for Sales Warriors by Richard Peterson, CSP
4. Catch the Sales Vibe by Pauline Fleming
5. Sell Yourself First by Jan Eden
6. Power Up Your Sales with Technology by Rick McCutcheon
7. The Seven Qualities of Sales Champions by Patrick Leroux CSP
8. Telephone Prospecting by Mark Bernard
9. The Most Important Brand You'll Ever Sell is Brand You by Harp Arora
10. Your Power Broker's Strategy by Wanda Dzierzbicki
11. Sales and Marketing - The Integrated Approach by David Saxby
12. It's Not About You by John Eitel
13. Secrets to Navigating the Complex Sale by Pam Switzer
14. Conquering the (Dreaded) Price Objection by Brian Jeffrey, CSP
15. Confirming the Sale: Doubling Your Close Ratio by Tim Breithaupt

Customer Service Goldmine

By Rick Butts * Eric Gelb, MBA/CPA * Larry Johnson, CSP * David Saxby
Increase Your Profits!
Motivate Your Employees!
Turn Your Prospects Into Lifetime Super-Customers!

What is this book?
Thirty Four top business professionals share their very best insights, strategies, techniques and principles about how to maximize customer service to increase profitability and reduce costs as well as stress. Each of the contributors have gone beyond the usual platitudes about service to deliver extraordinary information you can use immediately.

You will not find this one-of-a-kind body of information in any other resource.
Customer Service Goldmine! includes authors from Canada, The Netherlands, Australia and all over the U.S.—from professional experts who train, consult and write about customer service to banking, real estate and health care professionals. You’ll find tips from people in such diverse fields as telephone etiquette and healthcare. It features several industry-specific case studies as well as examples from: Hotel and lodging, Investing, Banking, Real Estate, and Property Management, Long Term Care, Construction, Automobile, Retail and more. Discover secrets from Disney, Southwest Airlines, Wal-Mart and others in this content-rich collection of strategies, techniques and ideas—truly making it a Customer Service Goldmine!

There’s a special section at the end of this book called KIDZ ON CUSTOMER SERVICE. and at the end of each chapter, we’ve included a RESOURCE SECTION with contact information for each author.

This book can help you generate higher cash profits in three areas:
1. The new customer who is about to walk into your front door.
2. The existing customers you’ve already served.
3. Your employees, who are the real key to delivering on the promises that you have made.
When they become satisfied employees, turnover goes down and they become more enthusiastic about selling the company’s products and services.

Put on your helmet, grab a pick and shovel, and follow those lanterns up ahead into the
Customer Service Goldmine!

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15 Top Sales Experts Share Their Insights on Sales Success
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34 top business professionals share their insights, strategies, techniques and principles about how to maximize customer service
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Innovative Thinking Tips Sales and Marketing TipsOrder e-books
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